Data Management

Talent Enterprises brings deep domain expertise and significant experience on both small and large programs related to the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of critical enterprise geospatial data. Our data management services cover a broad spectrum of services on all leading Geospatial and CAD platforms, including ESRI's ArcGIS/Arc FM, GE Small world, Intergraph FRAMME/G-Technologies, Vision, Telcordia Network Engineer, Spatial Info, Autodesk, Bentley, CADTEL, and Cable CAD. Additionally, Talent Enterprises has built proprietary systems and processes that are independent of the target

software platform, allowing seamless integration with these leading GIS and CAD software platforms. Talent Enterprises leverages its domain knowledge and data expertise to develop high quality, cost effective solutions specific to its clients' needs. Our offerings include manual flood determination and data engineering services. Talent Enterprises expertise lies in process migration and development.

Data Capture and conversion

Geospatial data can be split into two main types: vector (point, line, polygon, annotation, etc.) and raster (pixel based images). Talent Enterprises offers a number of cost effective data capture and conversion services including:

  • Landbase and building survey data capture
  • Vector data capture from photogrammetric and satellite imagery
  • Conversion of facilities data from paper maps or scanned images of legacy source materials